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Online Reviews are the lifeblood of businesses in 2024

 Discover the secret behind how to Grow your Brick-and-Mortar or Service-Area Business faster by building your own "Google Review Machine".

The Most Successful Small Businesses don't wait for Reviews to come in. They have a System that makes them come in Automatically.

Discover the Powerful "News Cycle Email Writing Formula" that Ben Adkins used to make millions of dollars for himself and his clients over the last 5 years.

Ever wondered why certain businesses show up at the top of Google's Search Results and Stay there?

Google Reviews are a huge part of it.

It's no big secret for those paying attention.
The lifeblood of any brick-and-mortar business that is looking to grow is directly related to the amount of visibility that they have on the internet.

Google is a huge player in making sure that your business shows up when people are looking for the products and services that you offer.

A big part of who Google "picks" to show to the people using their search engine has to do with Google Reviews.

Now there is a way to make sure that your business consistently gets new reviews every single day. It's all about creating your own "Google Review Machine" that automatically reminds your customers to leave you a review at just the right moment.

This special, 1 hour program, shows you exactly how you can setone up for your business over the the weekend.



Challenge Level



45 minutes

Time to Consume


Inside You'll Learn:

  • Why focusing on Google Reviews can be a near instant boom to your Business.

  • How Google Reviews affect the way that search engines like Google rank your business for certain keywords.

  • How to Build an Automated "Google Review Machine" no matter what type of 
business you're in.

  • How to turn your "checkout" process into a new review for your business every single time.

  • How to create a "review me now" link that makes it easy for anyone to leave your business a review.

  • How to build an automated text message funnel that will remind your new customers to leave you a review.

  • How to turn your existing website into a customer conversion machine simply by repurposing your Google Reviews.

  • How to know when is the exactly right moment to ask your customers to leave your a review.

  • How to turn Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok into a new customer generating tool instantly by putting your reviews to work for you.

Workshop Breakdown


Part 1: 

Why focusing on Google Reviews can be a near instant boom to your Business.

In this section, you'll learn about the all the powerful benefits that you get from focusing your efforts on getting more Google reviews. You'll also learn why building an automated way of collecting those reviews is the real secret to growing your business faster.


Part 2: 

How to Build an Automated "Google Review Machine" no matter what type of 
business you're in.

In this section, you'll learn how to set up the technology that will drive automated review collecting in your business. You'll get an easy to follow walkthrough that anyone can follow to set everything up fast so that you can start seeing results almost immediately.


Part 3: 

How to use Your Google Review Machine to get 10-20 New Reviews a day.

In this section, you'll go behind-the-scenes and see exactly how we set up the in-business creatives and that will take advantage of everything we built in part 2. Once you get this stuff done, you're entire business will be a streamline review collecting machine.


Part 4: 

How to turn every google review into a Customer Magnet on Social Media that will bring in tons of new business each month.

Once you start collecting consistent Google reviews with everything you've set up so far, you'll want to start using those reviews as "online billboards" for your business. We'll share the exact templates that you can use to turn each new Google Review into a customer attracting magnet.


Part 5: 

How to intelligently hire someone else to build your Google Review Machine for your Business.

In this special section, we'll show you how to hire someone to set everything up for you and maintain it (without breaking the bank and worrying that you hired the wrong person to help your business grow).


About the Workshop Creator

Ken Tucker is a digital marketing business owner and online entrepreneur. He founded Cangescape Web in 2005. Ken is a StoryBrand Certified Guide, a Business Made Simple Coach, and a Master Duct Tape Marketing Consultant.  

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